Two manuscripts were recently published by staff at Endpoint Outcomes: the first is a manuscript that describes the development of the Activity Impairment in Migraine Diary (AIM-D) that was recently used to substantiate labeling claims with the FDA for a novel migraine treatment: Lipton RB, Ghandi P, Stokes J, Cala ML, Evans C, Knoble N, Gelhorn HL, Revecki D, Vishwanathan HN, Dodick DW.  Development and validation of a novel patient-reported outcome measure in people with episodic migraine: the Activity Impairment in Migraine.  Headache 2021; doi 10.1111/head.14229.


The second manuscript describes work carried out by Endpoint Outcomes to characterize the burden of a common eye condition on common daily tasks that require good near vision: Shimeshan E, Coon CD, Johnson N, Stokes J, Wells T, Lundy JJ, Andrae D, Evans CJ, Campbell J.  Development of the near vision presbyopia task-based questionnaire for use in evaluating the impact of presbyopia.  Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes 2021; 5:125.