A warm welcome to former colleagues: Steve Hwang, John Perry and Nathan Johnson as managers with the Endpoint Outcomes team.Nathan has been involved in the development and validation process of health outcomes measures, including patient-reported and observer-reported questionnaires, and clinician-completed screening forms.  Nate has participated in multiple aspects of the development process of health outcomes measures, including interviewing patients and caregivers; qualitative data analysis; preparation of project reports and manuscripts; and drafting regulatory dossiers in support of FDA and EMA labeling claims. He received his MPH from Tufts University and BS in Human Biology from Michigan State University.With 6 years of consulting experience, Steve has considerable expertise conducting HEOR studies from the initial proposal stage to the final deliverable, including the creation of FDA dossiers and participation in FDA meetings, and helps clients translate clinical and market data to differentiate and successfully promote their products. In previous work, Steve acted as the primary researcher for projects based in Asia, and served as the liaison between the US office and Tokyo offices.  Steve performed researcher duties that required bilingual skills which included willingness-to-pay assessments, mixed treatment comparisons, and systematic literature reviews in Korean.  Steve received his BA in sociology from Boston University.

John will be responsible for business related activities at Endpoint Outcomes and coordination of the operational aspects of health outcomes studies. Prior to joining Endpoint Outcomes, John worked at Mapi Values for five years. John was also an Assistant Rooms Executive at the Hyatt Harborside Hotel at Logan Airport and a Marketing Coordinator for Thomson CenterWatch, while also serving as an Executive Assistant to a lawyer practicing alternative medicine.  John graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a dual major in Hospitality Management and French and a minor in Business Administration.